Tamanie Dove

Tamanie Dove Growing up in Nashville, surrounded by my incredibly talented family and friends, my life goals were all about just that,…family and friends, and with no regrets, mind you. It wasn’t until this last year that I decided to ramp up my creative side of my brain and enjoy my music and writing again. I can remember singing at a very early age, and I guess I’ll never stop. So, …here we go! I currently live just outside of Atlanta, yes big city. Lots to do, lots to see and plenty of inspiration. But for this first CD, which will be released some time next year, I returned home and with the help of my incredibly talented son Matt (Mercer) who produced, engineered, mixed and mastered all of the songs you’ll hear which I titled the CD “Welcome Home”. Thanks so much for listening, downloading and sharing what you like.( I’m also on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Google Play, Rhapsody and 29 other retailers!) And thank you all so much for your support, encouragement, love and friendship. Hugs! Tamanie www.TamanieDove.com tami.dove@gmail.com www.reverbnation.com/Tamanie songpress.net/Tamanie jango.com/music/Tamanie

Payton Howie

Payton Howie

Payton Howie is an award-winning country music singer songwriter from Southern California who just released her debut single, “Catch Flights” in the summer of 2019. She plays guitar and keys and has been singing since she could talk. Her traditional musical influences are Johnny Cash, Reba McEntire & George Strait, and she gravitates towards the vocal styles of Chris Stapleton, Carrie Underwood & Gretchen Wilson. Payton is involved with the West Coast Country Music Association, where she has been awarded New Country Female Entertainer of the Year and Traditional Country Female Entertainer of the Year. She has had the honor to open for National Act, Honey County, and has been invited to perform for organizations that represent our US military and first responders. Payton was in the studio this fall recording her 2nd single called “F150”, which just dropped in January 2020.



2018 WCCMA 13-16 Traditional Country Female Entertainer of The Year

2018 WCCMA 13-16 New Country Female Entertainer of the Year

2018 WCCMA 13-16 Traditional Country Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year

2018 WCCMA 13-16 Horizon Female Vocalist

2018 WCCMA 13-16 New Gospel Horizon Female Vocalist

2019 1st Place New Country Duo of the year (Mixed Ages)

2019 NACMAI 3rd Place New Country Vocalist 13-16

2019 5th Place New Country Entertainer of the Year 13-16

Scott Sharp

Scott Sharp

Artist Bio
I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on September 2, 1961.  I have 5 brothers.  Two older brothers and three younger brothers.  My family was not a musical family.  Infact, I’m the only one that sings and plays an instrument.  We grew up living in various places throughout Minnesota.  I started writing songs when I was 15 years old but didn’t do anything with them until later on in life.  I graduated high school in Detroit Lakes Minnesota in 1979. I joined the Navy and was in boot camp 3 days after my high schoolgraduation.  I married my high school sweetheart while I was in the Navy. I injured my back while I was in the Navy. I was honorably discharged with a service connected disability. My first marriage ended after only 4 ½ years.  I have two sons by that marriage.  My oldest son was born in 1980 and my youngest in 1982. In 1985 I went back to school and got my first college degree in Industrial Electronics. After my college graduation in 1988, I got a job in Houston Texas.While living in Houston, I started getting more serious about song writing. At the age of 29, with help from my friends, I bought my first bass guitar and started playing in a band. One thing led to another and things snow balled. I ended up recording a song for the Houston Rockets called Our Rocket Are Clutch City and it was played on national television. I also recorded my first song that I had written when I was 15 years old. It was called If Only In My Dreams. This was shortly followed by another song called Bulletproof. I was fortunate enough to get airplay with all three songs.In 1993, I made the big move to Nashville Tennessee to work on my song writing. I didn’t want to become a starving artist, so I have always kept my day job. Within a month after moving to Nashville, I met my co-writer Joe Perock. We hit it off quickly! We performed at writers nights throughout the Nashville area. The number of songs we have written together is well over 75. We still continue to write together after 23 years. Since my divorce from my first wife in 1983, I have had some long term relationships with women through out the years. My life’s experiences have been used to write many of my songs. Many of those songs were written about those relationships. In early 2001, a 7 year long relationship ended in death due to illness. The last 2 ½ years of her life was a constant battle with her health in and out of the hospital. Shortly after her death I moved to the Chattanooga Tennessee area to start a new life. I did start new life in Chattanooga. I started a new job and later got married in September 2001. In 2004, I went to work with the company that I’m presently working for today. Life has had it’s ups and downs but life goes on. In 2005 I suffered a stroke which paralyzed my left side. Determined to not to give up on life, I worked real hard to return back to work after only 30 days of hospital time. It took another two years of hard work to get my skills back on the bass to continue playing music. In 2008, I suffered another stroke. Not as severe as the first one, I continue to work full time and still play and write music. This year, I will be celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary with my wife. I continue to work full time and continue to work on my music. My newest co-writing partner is my wife Patricia.I may never get all the songs that I’ve written recorded, but I will sure give it a hell of a try. I have recorded (3) twelve song albums and have them all available cdbaby.com! My first album Scott Sharp Some Assembly Required was originally released in 2000. It was digitally re-mastered and re-released in November 2013. It was shortly followed by Scott Sharp Mind Over Matter in November of 2013 also. My third album, Scott Sharp Bullets In The Rain was released in June of 2014. I have plans to record more albums in the future but that is all pending the sales of my present albums. I may not make it rich or famous as a independent country artist, but I will remain true to my music. I hope you will take the time to listen to my songs. If my songs can make you smile, make you cry, make laugh, or make you want to dance, I’ve done my job as a songwriter. God Bless and thank you for keeping it country!

Celeste Kellogg

Hi my name is Celeste and I’m an Actress, Songwriter and Nashville Recording Artist. Like many kids I started singing in my church and school choirs. It didn’t take long for me to realize this is what I wanted to do. So before I knew it, I was putting myself into every Musical and Talent Show I could find. A few years later I found where Radio Disney was holding auditions for a NEW Tween Pop Group called RD7. I auditioned for the group and, lucky for me, I made it. The year with Radio Disney was Amazing. We opened for Raven, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and the Cheetah Girls. It didn’t stop there, we also performed an hour long show at the Kelly Clarkson, Addicted To Love Tour.

When Radio Disney came to an end, I decided to start my own group called No Limit. The reason for the name? I wanted to send a message, “That if you work hard, stay true to yourself, there is No Limit to what you can do” I would end each show with that statement. I had such a great time with No Limit, we performed in front on thousands each year, including a show on the Aircraft Carrier USS Eisenhower, wow what a treat. It was during my time with No Limit that the group got the attention of Grammy nominee Dave Moody of Elevating Entertainment, hence the movie “No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School” was born and so was my love for acting. Not only was I a singer, choreographer and dancer, now I had become an Actress, and I loved it. I had also become more of a songwriter… Coming off the set of “No Limit Kids”, I had so many emotions in me. I ended up writing 19 songs. My song “The Look” actually charted #20 in Germany – Thank You Germany.

My music producer? Andrew Lane who I met in LA while attending the School of Pop. Drew is a Multi-Platinum producer with such credits as High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Back Street Boys to name a few. When it came time to record, Drew said “Nashville”. After all, it is where music is made and Country was my true love. So, that’s kinda the gist of how I got started.

2011 was amazing, I released my debut CD, Gibson Guitars Endorsed my first Promo Tour and Pop Star Magazine covered the Tour along the way. I was the 2nd Pop Country Artist to be featured in Pop Star Magazine, the first being Taylor Swift.  I Heart Radio, said I was an artist to watch, I did TV and Radio Appearances, filmed a TV Pilot, My music video The Look was in rotation on The 
Country Network.                                                                                 2012 would be a year that I guess will best be known as life changes….while I continued to promote my music through performing and interviews ~ it would also be the year that I would graduate from High School, Headlined my first tour: The Country Pop Rock Tour.  Our mission was to share our music while taking a stance against bullying.  We had kids and adults tell us that we helped them out, we also found out that we actually saved a life.  When I received that messaged I cried a happy cry..to know that you saved a life was a feeling I won’t forget.  2012 – ended with me recording my 2nd CD titled “Broken Record”. I wrote all the songs on the CD and once again I teamed up with Drew Lane to have him produce it.  We recorded it at the House of Blues Studios in Nashville, TN and Encino, CA.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, I have continued to work my music, through performing, interviews, radio, tv and another tour.  I also attended CMA Fest in June.  Once you meet a country fan at CMA Fest you feel like you have met an old friend or relative…they’re the best.  My NEW EP “Broken Record” was released in 2013… hope you get a chance to check it out.

I guess one of my biggest compliments came from Linda Davis (Hilary Scott’s mother) after watching me perform “The Look” in Nashville…she said, “Celeste you are the Shania of this generation. Your songs will cross two charts”…. wow what a HUGE compliment and very big shoes to live up to. From the Industry people, I have been told I’m amazing, that I have an amazing tone to my
voice, a force to be reckoned with, a rising star, gorgeous, confident, infectious, genuine and that I have IT. I have also been told I’m too young, too pretty, a girl, need more power in my voice, need to work on my breathing, never will make it, ugly, to nasal, and that it’s harder for girls than guys. What I’m trying to say is regardless of what people say, listen to your inner self, it will lead you in the
right direction and never use people to get there, let your God given talents do that for you.

I hope you know me a little bit more and NOW I hope to see you on the 
road. Please take time to check out my website and you will
see everything this girl has been up to.

“I try to live each day, where I can look back and be proud of who I am.


Hi I’m Lee Ellis I’m the vocalist and founder of LEE ELLIS OUTLAW COUNTRY.Singer songwriter from Georgia on CMA Record Label .308 Productions. BMI Nashville Song Writer My goal is to bring back the 70’s Outlaw Country music. Outlaw Country music and Southern rock was what I grew up on.Hank JR, Waylon, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Lynyrd Skynyrd , Eagles , Is what I loved as a kid and made me want to become a singer songwriter. I have music in my blood line and love what music does for my soul. Music saved my life by giving me hope when times were bad. I am so happy to help people in need with my music.




  Jessie Lynn exhibits her infectious personality and independent, “No Quit” attitude on and off the stage! August of 2015, Jessie Lynn was named a top 100 semifinalist in the nationwide NashNext Country online music challenge! Jessie’s final NashNext stats at the conclusion of the contest were as follows: Trending – # 31 or top 3% and by Featured Artist & Spin Score – # 50 or top 5% of the original 944 entries. Jessie continues to develop her own musical style by working with various producers, musicians, singers, songwriters, and her vocal coach, Jilla Webb, to enhance her wide ranged voice by performing all types of musical genres. She also served as the co-host on the “Friday Night Live” radio show with “Ziggy” on Kool Classic Hits WRBZ 95.5 from June – October, 2014. Music has truly been a part of her life since the age of three, and she continues to grow as an artist through performing and writing songs!

During her formative years in Prattville, Alabama, she experienced joy and success in coaching, showing, and training horses in multiple disciplines (see website: www.alextremeequine.net); playing baseball and basketball; participating in 4-H and community service events; all while continuing her acting, modeling, and singing performances in numerous venues. 
Jessie Lynn’s musical and performing career began at the age of three when she began singing in church and participating in Little Boots Rodeo princess contests. Jessie participated in piano lessons for two years, and sought professional voice training from 2005 thru 2012. She recorded her first “demo” CD at the age of eleven and received multiple acting and singing “callbacks” from various management groups located in Florida, Los Angeles, New York, and North Carolina. However, at that time in Jessie’s young life, her parents opted not to pursue the numerous “callbacks”. Her parents wanted Jessie to enjoy her childhood and gain more experience in performing prior to seeking a career on the stage.

Since 2005, Jessie Lynn has gained extensive experience in acting, modeling, and singing. As a solo-vocalist, she released her first original single, “Boots N Bling It’s a Cowgirl Thing” on July 1, 2015, and plans to release her first album, “A Softer Side of Country” in early 2016. She has performed at the Alabama State Senate, Auburn University’s “Ag Roundup” Homecoming event, NCAA Division II World Series, Montgomery Biscuits Baseball Games, Alabama Distinguished Young Women (County & State Scholarship recipient), Canaan International’s Premiere Showcase Event, Miss Junior Teen Montgomery (title holder), Montgomery Motor Speedway, Wetumpka Depot Players, churches, football games, rodeos, school related functions, and special invitational events. She also performed with her “One Voice” choir tour group in multiple locations in St. Louis and New York City.

Musical talent runs through Jessie Lynn’s veins! Jessie was named after her Great-grandmother, Jessie McIntyre Hanson (1919-2000), who was known as an accomplished pianist, organist, and singer from Muskogee, Oklahoma. Mrs. Hanson sang with the “Temple Quartet” on KMUS live radio in Muskogee from 1948 – 1955. She continued performing live broadcasts with various church groups until 1962 and performed and taught music until the early 1990’s. Mrs. Hanson was a graduate of the Sherwood School of Music in New York, and began developing her twin daughters’, “The Hanson Twins”, gospel singing careers when they were seven years old (1947). “The Hanson Twins” performed professionally from 1947 – 1960 at gospel singings and conventions in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. They also performed at numerous ceremonies, special events, and weddings throughout Oklahoma. Jessie Lynn’s Grandmother, Loyce Hanson Dugan, (one of the twins) is credited for developing Jessie Lynn’s love of music and performing when she introduced her to singing in church at the age of three! The rest is history as they say…

Currently, Jessie Lynn is a senior at Auburn University working towards her communications degree as she continues tracking new music in studio, writing songs, and rehearsing for upcoming solo musical performances. Jessie Lynn has been afforded awesome opportunities to meet with some of the “best in the business” producers, musicians, songwriters, and PRO executives in Nashville, TN, and Muscle Shoals, AL. These contacts have assisted in her pursuit of learning the music industry from the ground up and continue to foster her love of performing live music!

To Book this Artist – Contact: Jessie Lynn – PO Box 681421, Prattville, AL 36068 – jessnichols@bellsouth.net or, 
Manager: Sherri Nichols – al_equinedrill@bellsouth.net, or by telephone at 334-322-7061 
Assistant Manager: Wanda Rowe – wkrowe1217@gmail.com or by telephone at 334-312-3261 
Website: www.jessielynn.net 
Become a Facebook friend at “Jessie Lynn”, Twitter @JessieLynnJL.

One Ugly Cowboy 

                             BAND BIO

One Ugly Cowboy (OUC) was formed and founded in Toronto by powerhouse vocalist


Jane honed her chops fronting various bands including ‘A TRIBUTE TO JANIS JOPIN’ and eventually landed in Los Angeles where she was repped by veteran business manager Gerry Tolman (CROSBY, STILLS & NASH) and David Rudich (MONTLEY CRUE). 

Richard was bandleader/principal songwriter for JUNO WINNER Lydia Taylor.  He has opened the show for headliners Bryan Adams, Steppenwolf, Nazareth, Toronto, Headpins, Sheriff, Rick Derringer, The Animals and Pat Travers.

Sowerby/Zwic have been songwriting together for years but their independent careers took precedent (Sowerby is an award winning actor with over 100 film/TV credits) but in 2014 while sitting in their home recording studio they decided to get the tunes off the shelf.    

…The hunt was on to find players to complete One Ugly Cowboy.

Serendipitously a few days later while at Long and McQuade Richard ran into old friend

ROB KENNEDY (lead guitarist for numerous recording acts including MICHAEL FURY (Passport/A&M) REFUGEE (Chrysalis & Polygram Records) MYLES HUNTER (Island/MCA)).   Rob had recently become more involved with lap steel and mandolin and was a perfect addition to One Ugly Cowboy.  

A rhythm section was the next call to action.  An ad was posted and first on board was bass player:RICK OTTENBRITE (Eyes of Alice (ALICE COOPER), Guesswhomania, Fleetwood Dreams & El Grande (ZZ TOP).  Rick has also shared the stage with the likes of DAVID WILCOX, KIM MITCHELL, DOUG & THE SLUGS and country star JOHN LANDRY.

…Then drummer MIKE MANN (The Spoons, JUNO Award Winner Anthony Vanderburg, Q107 winner Mark James Fortin, Shattervox & The Monroes…(to name a few))…completed the band. 

One Ugly Cowboy’s wealth of experience both musically and in life makes them a band that will not only uplift their audience but more importantly leave them with moments to remember.  They soulfully blend gritty country and in-your-face-rock with their up-beat, sometimes funny and often, heartfelt tunes.   

Their debut EP released (September 2015) hopes to inspire their audiences to join them on their journey and embrace their mission statement:  

‘Live your dreams and never give up…get yer ugly on!’

Jesse Cole James


Jesse Cole James has been around music all his life but made it professional for about 25 years now he started out in a 80’s hair band called colt 51 as their front man and as the years went by he started into country where he would follow and sing the songs of his heroes of country music like conway twitty shenandoah george jones waylon jennings and sawyer brown and now with his new cd out and his hit song down home boy he and his band are heading out on tour this spring dates will be posted very soon

Emylee Rose


Born and raised in Kingston, ON. Emylee discovered at a very young age, her love for singing country music. With many endless hours of vocal lessons, she began to develop the ability to write and perform.
Emylee has always been big on fitness, the ability to compete gave her the confidence and strength to continue to pursue performing.
With the love of and support of her Mom and Dad, Sisters, Fiance, and wonderful friends, she was able to overcome and bring the confidence to her life to continue to develop her passion and pursue her new career!

Lori Lynne

2016 has already brought exciting blessings to Lori Lynne and her dream. New album, new beginnings….”In a perfect world, music would be the answer for everything to turn anything into rainbows and butterflies. I want to be the one that helps create that magic. I know it’s been said before but music is my life. It’s given me memories to cherish and learn from, it puts me in the mood I want to be in. With the support and encouragement from my family and friends I am actually here today creating a little disk that holds seven songs to help me get my feet wet.””I am a 70’s child. I grew up listening to REAL Country music. I grew up listening to the AMAZING 80’s! Old School if you will. This is what I love. This is what I’m about. I’m a Christian Country Junkie with Rockabilly Flair. A smooth & twangy sound, mixed poppin’ soul & sass. Hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy writing and singing it!” xo, LL

Dalton Travis Gart

 Dalton Gray- a rare kind of country artist; one of those that comes around every so often bringing a look and a spin on music that just gives the sense to the listener that he belongs in the stereo. Whether its a story about a country town, a soldier and his family, a rocking club tune, a dreamy dance and love tune, songs about hard work, moving on, or a smoking girl from the country, Dalton Gray captivates the audience with authentic soulful Texas draw, cutting crisp purity, beautiful emotion, and astounding range. He is one of those rare artists that keeps the songs hitting home but catching you in a new, unique way every time. Songwriting with many signed writers and up and coming artists has allowed a huge catalogue of excellent tunes to be available to record for years to come. Dalton has played 100s clubs, bars, hinkytonks, festivals, and showcases the past three years full time on the road between home sweet Texas and the East coast. The band Dalton and his band “The Space Cowboys” connect with crowds in an unforgettable way between the talent and passion they bring. Be ready when this Southern charm comes through your town. You are sure to be met with a true ab bility and originality that only stars possess as well as a mannerly professionalism that will leave you feeling like chivalry is still alive! So gear up! You can bet your hard earned dollar that this artist will take you for a memorable ride down music lane!

Maggie Baugh




Multi-instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter, Maggie Baugh is a young, highly energetic, South Florida based county music sensation. At 18 years old, Maggie Baugh has already taken country music by storm. Her latest single, Catch Me can be heard on Radio Disney and the Catch Me official music video can be seen on CMT.com. With 3 albums of original music, you can expect to see more of Maggie Baugh this summer. This year alone (2018) Maggie Baugh has shared the stage and performed with country music legends Terry McBride and Marty Raybon and has opened for Randy Houser, Parmalee, David Nail, Runaway June, Jerrod Neiman, Lee Brice, Charles Kelley, Jake Owen, Luke Combs, Kane Brown, The Cadillac Three, Lanco and Danielle Bradberry.

Brieanna James


Born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, singer/songwriter, Brieanna James, is no ordinary girl. Her parents, Kimberly and Brice James, noticed early on that she was a natural performer and was born into the world with music in her heart.

Growing up in the south, she was influenced by country music and loved watching Hanna Montana and listening to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Both Miley and Taylor inspired her to want to act and sing at a very young age. With the full support of her family, Brieanna’s parents relocated to Los Angeles in 2008 when an agent asked her mother to bring her in for a meeting upon seeing her headshot from a mutual associate. Once signed, she immediately started booking national commercials for brands such as Puppy In My Pocket, Hasbro, Stride Right and a dozen others. The intended 3-month visit to LA turned into seven years and counting. Although she enjoyed acting, she decided to turn her focus back to her first love, music.

Now at 18 years old, Brieanna’s musical talent has blossomed, turning her into a talented and driven artist and songwriter. With the continued love and support of her family and guidance from her management team, she has written with top songwriters such as Keith Follese, Richard Harris, Mike Krompass, Steve Diamond, Bobby Campbell, Deanna Walker, Jeffrey East, Gary Burr, Georgia Middleman, Brandon Rogers, Clay Mills, Nate and Kaelie Highfield and many others.

While Taylor Swift remains in the top spot as the artist who is her greatest musical inspiration, she recently added Kelsea Ballerini, Sam Hunt, Shania Twain and Avril Lavigne to the list of artists that influence her and her songwriting. Recently, Brieanna had the great fortune to co-write and record a song cowritten by Kelsea Ballerini and Mike Krompass. The flirty, fun and sassy song, “HOT”, is the first single from her forthcoming EP. The song and video are receiving accolades from top country blogs such as Taste of Country, Whiskey Riff, Nashville Dialed and other key outlets.

Jon Langston


Georgia native, Jon Langston, has always had a love for music of all kinds, but has not always pursued a career in the music industry. Even though he had a band in 8TH grade with a few hometown buddies, it was nothing more than just a fun hobby for Langston at the time. The band which included long time friend, Josh Manuel, who co-produced Langston’s first two EP’s back in 2013 at Century Studios in Atlanta. Manuel is currently the drummer for the band “Issues.” Instead, Langston set his sights on playing football in high school and earned a Division I scholarship to play at Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina in 2009. It was his junior year of college when he picked the guitar up again. “I suffered multiple concussions, and so the coaches, doctors and myself decided the best for my health was to hang up the pads,” Langston says. “It was hard but I knew it was the right thing to do. I didn’t know what God had planned for my life at the time.” Langston began to learn how to play the guitar again and began to write his own songs and posting them on YouTube. “It is crazy how God closes one door and opens another. I had no idea what was ahead of me with the whole music world.”

Since then Langston has shown a passion and love for country music, and his unique voice and songwriting have sparked a wildfire fan base across the country. Selling out shows across the southeast, including the huge accomplishment at the Georgia Theatre on Nov. 7, 2015, dreams are starting to come true for Langston. “To be given the opportunity to not only play on that stage, but to headline the theatre, where I’ve seen many acts perform such as: Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, and Corey Smith, who are guys I look up to, it was an honor and a night I will never forget.”

Langston, now a Music City resident in Nashville, TN, has created his own style and sound from a variety of influences. Growing up listening to everything from Alan Jackson to the Eagles, Langston has crafted a fresh, new country music sound that is ready for take off. Langston, now 24 years old, has a publishing deal with Sony ATV, and is managed by KP Entertainment. 

Amanda Cooksey


Amanda’s music is about love and life through her eyes. Her story began in Orlando, Florida, where she began writing her own music through smart melodies and clever lyrics at the age of 12. She moved to Nashville in 2014 to attend Belmont University and graduated 2 years later with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.  Amanda mixes country and pop through her musical inspirations that include Adele, Colbie Caillat, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift.

Amanda is currently working hard on her music, through writing and collaborating with Nashville songwriters, including some grammy nominated songwriters. She opened for Michael Ray in his hometown of Eustis at Boleros Cigar Bar with other talented songwriters. Amanda’s heart is much like her work ethic. She is a music philanthropist and volunteers with Tunes for Tots to help Make a Wish and Simon House. Amanda was moved to help raise awareness for charities that help people with cancer when several of her friends were diagnosed with cancer as well as her Uncle and her most loved music instructor-Ron Feldman.

She continues to perform as much as she can while working on her songwriting. She has had the opportunity to play at the FMF Music Festival, Deland Songwriter’s Music Festival, Daytona Music Festival, Nashville State Fair, Opry Mills Mall, BB Kings, The Dubliner The Row and The VIP lounge at the Sounds of Summer Tour with Dierks Bentley, Kip Moore, Maddie & Tae and Canaan Smith. She feels blessed with great family and friends who support her efforts in music. She is humbled everyday by the amount of work and dedication it takes to be a musician. Music is a huge part of her life and she devotes much of her creative energy to it. Amanda hopes that you will become a fan and friend. With grateful thanks!

Billy James Brady Music

Billy  James Brady was raised in a small town . At a very young age he started playing guitar and it happened from there. He started preforming in groups and on stage for music events. Billy has recorded in Nashville and is currently working on his Songwriting Catalog. Billy is available for Co-Writes,  along with songwriter, county park and fair events.

Eddie Joe Clark

Eddie Joe Clark

The Eddie Joe Clark Band

The Eddie Joe Clark Band, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, has a hard driving sound best described as outlaw country with a deep respect for the roots of country music. Their music is currently in regular rotation on nearly 100 radio stations in several states, and with downloads in the thousands from iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets, this is an act you simply have to book for your establishment or event. A band of experienced professionals, they know how to fire up the crowd and keep them going all night long with their blend of country hits and classics, and exciting original tunes.

The band’s leader, Eddie Joe Clark, is an established country and bluegrass artist and prolific songwriter. Having written over 200 songs, his music has been performed by a number of recording artists including Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer Ray St. Germain, Steve Hill of The Nashville Palace, Mitch Snow, Bunnie Mills, and others. Eddie’s remarkable voice and extraordinary instrumental skills have been featured with acts that have performed in over a dozen countries on six continents. A Navy veteran himself, Eddie Joe always welcomes the opportunity to perform in front of veterans’ groups and active duty service personnel. Among other instruments, Eddie Joe plays guitar, pedal steel, Dobro, and harmonica.

Eddie’s band is a group of virtuoso musicians comfortable playing many genres from jazz and blues to rock and country. Their over 150 combined years of experience includes touring nationally and internationally, performing in venues from night clubs to arenas, and performing live and in the studio with well-known artists. The band includes Marshall Yarn on bass, David Johnston on guitar, Allan Edmondson on keyboards, and Tony Moon on the drums.

If you appreciate real country music, you’ll love The Eddie Joe Clark Band. They have a passion for performing and entertaining and an absolute commitment to making sure everyone in the room has as a great time and memorable experience.

Melodie & the Loud Boyz


After fronting several different bands in several different states, Melodie and Ricky Rooker decided to do something different. They moved to Nashville, TN and formed a new band…that they moved in with them to live, work, and play, as a band family. (Colton Everhart -Trumann, AR, and Justin Parker – Ontonagon, MI). Melodie & the Loud Boyz was born. 

What comes from this connection of different backgrounds, music styles/tastes, etc. is evident to see as they rock out onstage together. Their shows are extremely high-energy and entertaining, driven strongly by crowd requests and crowd interaction. One of the compliments the band consistently hears from fans is that they put on a PERFORMANCE! Because the band members have formed their own tight-knit family in their day-to-day life, their chemistry onstage is apparent, and they all work together to put on a top-notch show. 

Melodie & the Loud Boyz play rock ‘n roll, blues, country, and everything in between. They learn new songs every week, so you’ll never watch the same show twice! Come to their shows with your song requests in hand, and be ready to sing and dance the night away! 

Each member was nominated for an Arkansas Country Music Award in 2018:


  • Melodie Rooker – Female Vocalist of the Year
  • Ricky Rooker – Guitarist of the Year
  • Justing Parker – Drummer of the Year
  • Colton Everhart – Bassist of the Year


The band has been featured on 104.7 The Cave, KTXR FM 101.3 The Outlaw, Browne Hille Radio, Ozarks Live Public Broadcast on KOLR 10, and more. They travel weekly, and are open for booking! 

The band just released their first EP, “Let’s Get Loud”.

                  Sami Jo


You walk into the Holiday Inn, not realizing there is music playing at the attached Commodore Grille.  You don’t think too much about it until you hear a soft female voice accompanied by acoustic guitar, and something tells you to meander over and take a listen.  You do, and see a girl playing guitar to a soft, emotional ballad written by herself.  Passion in her eyes, she ends the song and the audience erupts with applause.  You feel some connection to the lyrics she just sang, so you wait to hear her introduce her next song.  The next one is faster and sassier. She now has a little mischief in her eye as she sings about someone who did her wrong. She has a cool guitar riff that sticks in your head the rest of the night.


Sami Jo is a country singer/songwriter with a strong influence of classic rock. With a lifelong passion for writing songs, her desire is to touch hearts with her music, either in a catchy, tapping of the foot manner or a simple, speak to your soul sort of fashion.  A regular at The Bluebird Cafe, Sami Jo lives in Nashville and can often be found at various writer’s rounds around town, connecting and engaging with her fans. 


Originally from Redding, CA, Sami Jo has been playing guitar for 8 years.  Her greatest inspirations range from The Beatles and Stevie Nicks to Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert.  She wants to bring a little classic rock flare to contemporary country radio and be a ground setter for a new blended sound. Currently, she is working on writing and recording her new music and playing gigs – generating a wide fan base to back her up.